Hard drives Internal (HDD)

Hard drives (HDD) are a familiar form of storage that have remained a reliable piece of hardware since 1956. Internal drives are produced in two main forms: 3.5”, which are used for your desktop PCs, or 2.5”, which are more suited for laptops, although a large range of converter brackets can be used.

Installing a new hard disk drive in your PC or laptop can boost its overall performance and see it run more quietly whilst also providing you with additional space for the storage of masses of your data files. While widely mechanical, and slower than their cousin SSD’s, HDD’s reap the benefit of being produced with much larger storage capacities.

Traditionally, when you turn off data stored in RAM, it physically vanishes. With a hard drive, your information is kept safe and secure with a magnetic coating that stores any data you desire – be it documents, music, films; no file is too large, multiple terabytes are now available in a single drive.

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